and why that is so important…

From the age of 19 I start to save money. But for real. Why? Because I wanted to learn how to save money wisely. In this article I want to show you three tips to save. So you don’t need to worry about money in the future. You don’t want to be at zero every month. Let your money work for you. Short disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor of some kind. What you do with your money it’s your own business. …

and how to apply it when you start out as a leader.

Since I published the article The Most Simple Strategy For Setting Priorities, many of you decided to follow my channel and I am very happy to see it was so well received by you. Over the past years I have read and written many articles which are now narrowing down to two specific themes: leadership and productivity. They overlap each other and lessons learned from the one amplify the other. It has been a while since I posted on Medium and I have learnt a great deal of…

and how to apply it to your daily life.

Today I write about another simple productivity principle: ‘The 80/20 principle’ also known as ‘The Pareto Principle’ invented by Vilfredo Pareto. Why is this an important principle and why do you need to learn to apply this in your daily (working) life?

You can apply it to everything.

Once you learn how to use it correctly, you have so much more time and energy to do important things. In this article we discuss who Vilfredo Pareto is, how to use ‘The 80/20 Principle’ and examples of benefits in daily life.


In my last article I wrote about ‘The Ivy Lee Method’. It is one of the most simple and effective strategies you can use today. Everyday you are setting 6 to-do’s on your to-do list from important to least important. But how do you know what is most important and maybe even more important, most urgent?

Let’s discuss ‘The Eisenhower Matrix’. A simple and effective strategy you can use in your daily and working life.

But first, let’s make a step back.

Who is General Eisenhower?

If you read this you probably want to change your work behaviour. If you read this you also know what Peak Productivity is and how people use it to get maximum results in whatever they want to achieve in life.

These days it’s so easy to find ‘short-term productivity hacks’. Most of these ‘short-term productivity hacks’ gives you automatically short-term results. The short-term results leads to inefficient result and gets you further from your goals you want to achieve.

So, let’s make one step back.

What is productivity?

According to James Clear ( productivity is: “a measure of efficiency of…

It is a common thing, when you see a familiar person, and he or she ask you: ‘how are you?’. Your answer is 9 out of 10: ‘good, I’m busy with different projects.’ And after this question we continue our conversation, like nothing happened. Strange, right? We never have the courage to ask: ‘how are you really?’. It saves one word but you create much more connection with the person who’s sitting across the table.

As a business owner I drink regularly coffee with other entrepreneurs or potential clients. And see this thing, ‘I’m busy so I’m good’, happen over…

Happy new year everyone who read this! It is a little late to write that, but who cares. In this first article of 2019 I want to discuss the subject ‘habits’. Everyone has set good intentions for 2019 but we fail to keeping them. A good intention is nothing more then changing a habit. One of the most populair ones is losing weight or quit smoking. Before we discuss how you stop smoking or losing weight. Let’s break down the term ‘habit’.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
- Will Durant

Yeah, I know. It has been a while ago. So for my new readers welcome! Let me introduce myself again. Hi! My name is Huib Robben, 19 years old and living in The Netherlands. I write about things that I pass or have experienced lately in my own world. I’m an 19 year old entrepreneur running a media agency with a team of 8 people including myself. We work for different companies and we make great things. Beside my work I’m going to college and be a typical student. From next year I am studying entrepreneurship and retail management in…

It has been a while that I post some articles on my medium profile. I was totality convinced that I put out an article every single day. I have big news.. it hasn’t worked out for me.

Nevertheless I write this article today because I had inspiration for a new piece of content. I sat down in the bus this afternoon and I was swiping on my phone. I realise that I live almost for 19,5 years on this globe. That is almost two decades.

When I had that big realisation I start thinking about the lessons I have learned…

I know, about this subject is so much written already. But it’s a subject were so much people talk about daily. I want to share my thoughts with you about it.

I believe in setting goals. I believe also that achieving your goals is not the most important thing. It is a cliche but true: the road towards your goals is much more important.

Write down your goals with the next questions in mind:

How do you get there?

What do you need for your route you want to make with your goals in mind? …

Huib Robben

I write about productivity, personal finance, leadership, working in the filmindustry and many more topics

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